Cryolipolysis (Fat Freeze)

Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Wigan

Cryolipolysis, also known as “fat freezing” or by the product name Coolsculpting, is a procedure that involves the non-invasive cooling of body fat to break down fat cells, resulting in a reduction of body fat without damage to other tissues. The effect takes several WEEKS to be seen.

How does Cryolipolysis work?

The Cryolipolysis procedure involves the use of an applicator that delivers a gentle vacuum pressure that draws up tissue between cooling panels. The temperature is reduced to between -5 and -11 degrees Celsius and the treatment takes 45-60 minutes. This temperature causes thermal damage to fat cells without causing damage to the skin or subcutaneous tissue. The treated fat cells are removed through natural metabolic processes within the body, similar to the way fat from food is removed. This allows for a gradual reduction in fat from targeted areas to create a slimmer, more defined appearance.


What are the advantages of Cryolipolysis over other fat reduction treatments?

Cryolipolysis is clinically proven to remove up to 25% of fat cells after one treatment. It is ideal for stubborn pockets of fat and for body sculpting. Compared to other fat reduction treatments, Cryolipolysis has no downtime, no need for anaesthesia, pain free, no incisions and no difficult aftercare. 2 different areas can be treated per treatment.


How many treatments will I need?

One treatment per area is required and we can re-treat for increased results on the same area after 6 weeks. The results of the Cryolipolysis procedure are usually visible two months after treatment and will continue to improve for up to three to four months.

Although these results are not as rapid as those achieved through liposuction, patients undergoing Cryolipolysis can avoid the pain, risks and lengthy recovery times associated with these more invasive procedures. While no long-term studies are currently available, the results of Cryolipolysis are expected to last about as long as fat reduction achieved through traditional liposuction procedures.


What are the risks and possible complications with this treatment and how can they be avoided?

Because of its non-invasive nature, Cryolipolysis has considerably fewer risks than other fat reduction procedures. Cryolipolysis is considered safe for most patients, although there are certain risks associated with any kind of treatment. Some of these risks may include redness, bruising and reduced sensation in the treated area. These side effects usually resolve on their own within a few days after treatment. Client selection and having realistic expectations are very important. Asymmetry is possible if different treatment areas are applied on the opposite side of the body.


How much does it cost?

1 area    £79

2 areas    £139



What are the post-treatment instructions?


We always recommend you allow 6 weeks to see your results; results can continue to improve for up to 12-16 weeks following your treatment.

After treatment, the area may be slightly reddened and warm, but this will settle quickly. There is occasionally mild tingling, warmth and aching that can persist for several hours after treatment. Occasionally, a rash may develop over the treated area, which may last several days. The procedure is extremely safe and side-effects are rare. We do advise drinking a litre of water before treatment to maintain good hydration and to increase fluid intake over the next few days to aid elimination of fat. You can resume your normal activities straight away following treatment. Most people will achieve a noticeable and satisfying improvement over time, however, some people do respond better than others. Although the fat loss is permanent, of course, fatty tissue and cellulite may reappear over time and we recommend a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise to maintain these effects.

General advice:

  •     Maintain your weight
  •     Eat a healthy diet
  •     Drink at least 2.5 litres of water / fluid to support your lymphatic system
  •     Reduce your intake of caffeine to no more than 2 cups a day
  •     Reduce your alcohol intake to 1 or 2 drinks per week
  •     Be active 

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