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Galvanic Desincrustation Wigan

Galvanic facials use a direct galvanic electrical current to introduce water-soluble substances through the skin’s surface in an effort to improve ingredient absorption and moisture retention. This particular type of facials is suitable for most skin types, whether oily, normal or dry.

The benefits to receiving a galvanic facial are numerous. Along with hydrating the skin, this facial counteracts dullness brought on by ageing or stress, eliminate sebaceous blockage and congestion (major causes of blemishes and acne), increases circulation and create a healthier glow.

Galvanic facials are also a good anti-aging treatment for those who want a fresher look because they are non-invasive and aim at tightening and firming the skin and softening lines and wrinkles, resulting in a plumper, smoother look.

We offer two types of galvanic facial:

Iontophoresis: During this procedure, a positively charged gel is applied to your skin. Then, a negative electrode is placed near your shoulder or you are asked to hold it. Now, a positively charged current is passed through your skin, which helps push the active ingredients applied to your skin deep into the epidermal layers. This dramatically increases the efficacy of all skin products that you use after undergoing this procedure. 

Desincrustation: In this process, galvanic current is used to soften and emulsify the keratin and sebum contained in your hair follicles. It is a way to prepare your skin for safe and painless removal of comedones. A manual extraction follows this procedure. This is meant for deep cleansing your skin and softening it at the same time.

Galvanic facial is suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin).

Here at Norman & Philip we only use genuine Dermalogica, Genosys and Silhouette Dermalift skin care products.

When combining Galvanic Facial with chemical peel you are able to advance the outcome of your results.

You can choose to end your Galvanic session with LED light therapy to further enhance results.

The treatment is normally completed in 45-60 minutes.

What are the benefits of Galvanic Facial?

  1. Reduces Dullness and Makes Skin Glow

Dullness is one of the main signs of aging. A galvanic facial removes all the impurities from your skin and improves the concentration of oxygen in it. This deep cleansing technique makes your skin glow.

  1. Minimizes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Age and constant exposure to the sun and dust can take a toll on your skin. You won’t even notice the fine lines and wrinkles beginning to creep up on your face. Treating yourself to a galvanic facial once in a while rejuvenates your skin, restores the balance, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens your skin. It is also beneficial in preventing premature signs of aging.

  1. Improves the Elasticity of Your Skin

When you are stressed, it is evident on your face. Coupled with lack of proper care and other external factors, your skin tends to lose elasticity and sag. The galvanic current that is passed through your skin during the treatment helps in tightening it. This revives your aging skin and makes it firm again.

  1. Detoxifies Your Skin

You can’t deny the fact that your skin feels great and relaxed after every facial session. But, apart from the relaxation, a galvanic facial has something more to offer than conventional facials. The electric currents enable lymph drainage and stimulate your skin. This improves your skin’s natural ability to cleanse itself of harmful toxins. Moreover, the facial draws out toxins from deep within your skin, making your face look brighter and healthier.

  1. Boosts Blood Circulation and Oxygen Levels in The Skin

A galvanic facial boosts the production of fresh skin cells and collagen. As a result, the new cells replace the older ones much faster. It also stimulates the blood flow to the surface of your skin which increases oxygen supply to your face. Oxygen makes your skin feel fresher and tighter and supports moisture retention

  1. Helps in Preventing Acne

The galvanic facial, especially the desincrustation process, targets the hair follicles and clogged pores. It extracts all the impurities stuck in your skin pores, leaving them clean. This helps in reducing and preventing acne.

  1. Improves Complexion

I am not saying that this treatment will make you fair. Don’t carry that notion. When your skin is thoroughly cleansed, it looks clear and bright. That’s because harmful toxins are eliminated from your skin. The negative ions in the current trap all the impurities, toxins and dirt. This, in turn, gives you a clearer and brighter complexion.

  1. Thoroughly Moisturizes Your Skin

Worried that your moisturizing face cream is not working properly? The fact is that the product does not penetrate the layers of your skin. Moreover, your skin may not be able to retain moisture. A galvanic facial helps resolve this issue by removing dead skin cells and promoting cell regeneration. This revitalizes your skin, making it more elastic and increasing its moisture retention.

  1. Better Product Penetration

Galvanic current contains negative ions and the treatment gel (containing anti-aging and other ingredients) that is applied to your skin, contains positive ions. The current pushes the products deeper into your skin. The products work hard in neutralizing the toxins and harmful free radicals in your skin. The deep tissues and cells within your skin layer are where the products work best.

  1. Calms and Soothes Your Skin

Not only does aging turn your skin into a canvas of fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. It also makes it rough to touch. A galvanic facial eases the facial tissues and muscles that get stiff with aging. When the muscles and tissues are relaxed, more blood and oxygen are carried to the skin cells. The PH balance of the skin is also restored, making it soft and smooth.

Sounds promising, isn’t it? But before you rush to book your appointment, there are some more things you need to know. Not everyone can opt for a galvanic facial. Why? It’s because certain factors make you a weak candidate for this facial.

Who is not suitable for this treatment?

Do not go for this treatment if you:

  •         Have a pacemaker
  •         Are diagnosed with a heart condition
  •         Suffer from epilepsy or high blood pressure
  •         Are pregnant
  •         Are diabetic
  •         Have metal implants in your body
  •         Have spider veins
  •         Are on skin thinning medication
  •         Recently underwent chemical peeling
Are there any side effects of Galvanic Facial?

So far, no study has been conducted to evaluate side effects of Galvanic Facial. However, galvanic current has been widely used for treating face paralysis and Bell’s Palsy, so it is considered to be a safe treatment. Nevertheless, one study evaluating the effect of electrical stimulation on human skin mentions that a few of the participants experienced an “unpleasant feeling.”

Again, the level of sensitivity to stimuli differs from person to person. Some may have a high pain tolerance, while others may be extremely sensitive to even mild stimuli. So, it depends on you and the condition of your body.

If you have metallic dental fillings, crowns and metal braces, be careful. People with these dental fixtures may experience a metallic taste in their mouth during the procedure. Having metal inside the mouth may even give you a galvanic shock, which may trigger a mild headache or give you a tingling feeling. But, with a few precautions, you can go for this procedure.

How many treatments are recommended?

Oily skin types: once a week for 4 weeks and then rest for 3 weeks

Dry skin types: once every 2 weeks and then rest for 2 weeks

Combination skin types: once a week for 3 weeks and then rest for 3 weeks.

How much does it cost?


Treatment 1 session 3 sessions
Galvanic Facial £60 £160 (save £20)
Galvanic Facial + chemical peel £70 £185 (save £25)
Galvanic Facial + LED light therapy £70 £185 (save £25)


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