Hydro Facial

Hydro Facial is an innovative, medical grade treatment that uses a 6-stage process to help you unlock radiant, younger-looking skin. Hydro Facial uses the newest technology to deeply cleanse, extract, & hydrate with super serums made with nourishing ingredients that create a gratifying glow.

By combining lymphatic drainage, deep exfoliation, mild brightening peel, extraction, hydration and LED light therapy in one single procedure, clients can walk away with a complexion that’s so clean and clear, they won’t need a drop of makeup or concealer.

Because the Hydro Facial is a medical-grade treatment, that means it’s considered to be more effective than a typical facial.

What are the benefits of Hydro Facial?
The Hydro Facial works to combat some of the most common complexion issues, like:
What does the treatment involve?

Hydro Facial involves cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.

Hydro Facial is normally completed in 60 minutes.

Is there any downtime involved?

No, there is no downtime after Hydro Facial at all! The procedure is non-invasive and gives you an instant smoothness and glow. Although the client should have no immediate after effects and can return to normal activities, they should look after the treated skin in the following way:

  •   Do not go in direct sunlight for 24-48 hours after the treatment
  •   Use SPF sun cream factor 30+ to protect the skin from UV rays
  •   Make-up can be applied within 8 hours
  •   Moisturize the skin frequently
  •   For 24-48 hours avoid very high temperatures including sauna, sunbed, hot baths or showers- use tepid water & pat dry without rubbing the skin
  •   A collagen mask at night can enhance the reduction of fine lines
How many treatments are recommended?

Hydro Facial can be as ‘one off’ treatment, especially before special events or holidays or can be performed every 4-6 weeks to maintain healthy glow.

How much does it cost?
Hydro Facial £80
Hydro Facial + Microneedling  £110


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