Hyperpigmentation is the term used to describe areas on uneven pigmentation in skin.

Hyperpigmentation appears as darkened patches or spots on the skin that make the skin look uneven. The spots/patches are known as age spots or sun spots, melasma and post-anti inflammatory pigmentation. 

People with dark skin are normally more affected by hyperpigmentation marks than those with a lighter skin tone as skin pigmentation is stronger in dark skin.

How can I get my hyperpigmentation treated?

We will work with you to form a bespoke treatment package to target the pigmentation. The cause of the pigmentation and the severity will determine what treatments you would require.

Treating hyperpigmentation involves a series treatments of either one or a combination of the following:

Chemical peel or/and LED light therapy can be added to your treatment to enhance further results.

These treatments offer skin resurfacing solutions to brighten an existing pigment.

Lifting of pigmentation and brightening of the skin can be achieved in as little as one treatment, however repeated treatments over a number of weeks.

What are the causes of hyperpigmentation?

The cause of hyperpigmentation depends on the type. The most common causes of hyperpigmentation are:

Sun exposure. The body produces more melanin to protect the skin from prolonged exposure to the sun. This can cause dark spots or patches on the skin called age spots or sun spots.

Skin inflammation. Areas of skin can darken after people have had inflammation of the skin. This can include acne, eczema, lupus or an injury to the skin. People with darker skin are more likely to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Melasma. Darker patches of skin can form when people experience hormonal changes. This type of hyperpigmentation is common during pregnancy.

Reactions to drug use. Certain medications, such as antimalarial drugs and tricyclic antidepressants, can cause hyperpigmentation. In these cases, patches of skin may turn gray. Chemicals in topical treatments can also sometimes cause hyperpigmentation.

Medical conditions. More serious causes of hyperpigmentation include Addison’s disease and hemochromatosis.

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