Many things cause our skin to age. Some things we cannot do anything about; others we can influence. One thing that we cannot change is the natural aging process. It plays a key role. Skin cell turnover slows down and there are pigment production changes causing dryness and an uneven skin tone. 

In ageing skin, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels decrease leading to reduced firmness, elasticity and hydration. This results in fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration, dullness and decreased skin tone. It is natural for our face to lose some of its youthful fullness. We notice our skin becoming thinner and drier. Our genes largely control when these changes occur. The medical term for this type of aging is “intrinsic aging.”

We can influence another type of aging that affects our skin. Sun exposure, our environment and lifestyle choices can cause our skin to age prematurely. The medical term for this type of aging is “extrinsic aging.” By taking some preventive actions, we can slow the effects that this type of aging has on our skin.

The good news is that you can reverse some of this damage and prevent future negative effects on the skin.

How can I get my ageing skin treated?

We will work with you to form a bespoke treatment package to specifically target ageing. The severity will determine what treatments you would require.

Treating ageing skin involves a series of treatments of either one or a combination of the following:


These treatments hydrate, remove pigmentation and stimulate collagen to rejuvenate wrinkles and plump the skin.  Chemical peel or/and LED light therapy can be added to your treatment to enhance further results. Benefits such as reducing inflammation and brightening of the skin can be seen in as little as one treatment, however repeated treatments are required for best results.


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