Velashape Cellulite Treatment

Vela-Shape is a noninvasive cellulite reduction procedure combining multiple treatment techniques for body contouring and less dimpling.

 The Vela-Shape handheld device uses vacuum, roller massage, infrared light and RF energy to melt fat cells and promote collagen production.

This is a non-surgical, no-downtime solution to treating problem areas including the arms, back, thighs, buttocks, saddlebags, abdomen, flanks and even chin area!

How does it work?

Velashape uses a combination of heat, massage, vacuum suction, infrared light, and bipolar radio frequency. During this simple procedure, a handheld device is placed on the skin and, through pulsed vacuum technology, suction against the skin, and massage rollers, cellulite-causing fat cells are targeted.


Is there any downtime involved?
No, there is not any downtime associated with Velashape. No needles, incisions, or anaesthesia are used during this treatment, so people can continue with their daily activities after receiving this treatment.

How does the treatment feel like?
Most patients find Velashape comfortable and describe the treatment as feeling like a warm deep-tissue massage. The treatment parameters are easily adjusted to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours after your treatment.

How fast will I see the results?

Some people may start to notice a small improvement in the treated area very soon after their treatment. However, in general, you can start seeing results after 3rd treatment with noticeable and dramatic results at  four to  eight weeks after the last treatment.

Who is a good candidate for the treatment?

Patients should generally be in good health and should not have pacemakers or metal implants in the area being treated. The skin in the treatment area should be unbroken and healthy. This treatment is safe for all skin colours and types.

However,  Velashape is best suited for individuals with the following four characteristics:

– Healthy individuals who already consistently workout and maintain a balanced diet

– BMI (body mass index) of 30 or less

– At or near their ideal body weight

– Individuals with small amounts of stubborn fat in their stomach, buttocks or other area


How many sessions are recommended?
We recommend 4-6 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart. No treatment, even surgical, is permanent thanks to the ageing process, lifestyle and gravity! VelaShape is long lasting and results will be maintained with just 1 top up treatment every 3-6 months. Best results are seen 4 to 8 weeks after the last treatment.


How long do the results last?
Velashape is long lasting and results will be maintained with just 1 top up treatment every 3-6 months

How much does it cost?

Tummy: 1 session,  £70, 4 sessions £240, 6 sessions £350

Thighs (back or front): 1 session £80, 4 sessions £275, 6 sessions £400

Thighs (back and front): 1 session  £135, 4 sessions £465,  6 sessions £675

Thighs and Buttocks: 1 session £90, 4 sessions £310, 6 sessions £450

Arms: 1 session £65, 4 sessions £225, 6 sessions £325

Flanks (“love handles”): 1 session £65, 4 sessions £225, 6 sessions £325





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